Richmond’s Favorite Hotspots for Relaxation and Leisure

Richmond is full of enjoyable locations that visitors go to on a regular basis, but there are several hotspots that are frequented by locals.

The culture of Richmond is quite diverse, so many different hangout scenes have popped up over the years. From bohemian coffee shops to sophisticated art galleries, Richmond has something for everyone.

For the Drinkers

If you love craft beer or simply enjoy complementing good company with a cold drink, then Richmond’s many bars and breweries may be good options for you to choose from. If you’re into a classy and refined experience from a place to drink, you should consider visiting The Bar at Lemaire. Located in the elegant Jefferson Hotel, many Richmonders go to the Lemaire restaurant wearing some of the nicest outfits for an enjoying evening. For a more casual scene, Heritage is a great bar that specializes in beer and craft cocktails. Heritage does not have a dress code, but it still maintains the quality that you would expect at top restaurants. Along with great drinks, Heritage offers a menu of meats, cheeses, and various other items. The menu changes frequently depending on the availability of local ingredients and the preferences of head chef Joe Sparatta. This is one of the hottest places to enjoy night live in RVA. Toast New American Gastropub and Saison are also popular locations for Richmonders in search of a refreshing cocktail.

Other great drinking establishments in Richmond:

  • Hardywood Brewery
  • Lulu’s
  • Mekong

For the Artists

Since Richmond has gained a reputation for its art, it should come as no surprise that there are several locations throughout the area that are ideal for artists and art lovers. One of the most popular locations to enjoy art is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Founded in 1934, this large museum has collections of many different art styles and also receives touring exhibits on a regular basis. After appreciating amazing artwork, many Richmonders enjoy a tasty meal or some cocktails at Amuse, a restaurant located within the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Along with this obvious hotspot, there are also many small art galleries scattered throughout Richmond on Main St and Broad St.

Other places to enjoy art:

  • Ada Gallery
  • Quirk Gallery
  • Eric Schindler Gallery
  • Glave Kocen Gallery

For the Coffee Lovers

Popular among Millenials, writers, and freelancers, Richmond’s coffee shops are numerous and very unique. One of the largest and most frequently visited local coffee joints in the city is Lamplighter Roasting Company. Lamplighter offers a selection of coffee and espresso that is enjoyed by most of the people who stop by. If you’re looking for a mild coffee with a smooth aftertaste, Lamplighter is the place for you. While Lamplighter does not have many options to choose from in terms of pastries, they do offer lunch food. While many Richmonders go to Lamplighter for coffee and food throughout the day, the establishment rarely sees any of Richmond’s tourists. This is a great place to visit if you’re looking to work in a cafe or socialize with friends. If you’re ever near Patterson or Broad in Richmond, you should also consider sitting down for a cup of espresso at Black Hand Coffee or Lift Coffee Shop. Both of these establishments are popular among Richmond locals and serve excellent hot beverages ranging from creamy lattes to flavorful cappuccinos.

Other coffee establishments to enjoy:

  • Crossroads Coffee and Ice Cream
  • Shockoe Espresso and Roastery
  • Cafe Caturra

For People with a Sweet Tooth

If you love ice cream or confections, then you must visit some of the shops in Richmond that specialize in sweet desserts. For ice cream, Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream should be at the top of your list. As its name suggests, Bev’s offers a wide selection of homemade ice cream, including flavors like chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin. Bev’s offers various specialty flavors depending on the time of year. While Bev’s regular options are raved about many fans of the establishment, the Girl Scout cookie flavors are favorites. If ice cream isn’t your dessert of choice, then you should check out Sugar Shack. This Richmond-based doughnut shop does not have a menu. Instead, they specialize in creative doughnuts such as maple bacon and peanut butter-chocolate. Sugar Shack aims to surprise its fans with new and creative flavors on a regular basis.

Other places for sweet food:

  • Sweet 95
  • Gelati Celesti
  • James River Candy Co
  • Gearharts Fine Chocolates

The list could go on and on, but it is clear that Richmond is the place to go for relaxation and leisure. From great coffee shops and restaurants to unique bars and galleries, Richmond offers plenty of hotspots for locals to enjoy.

A home in the Richmond area will provide you with access to these areas and more. To begin your home search in Richmond, reach out to Everett Properties. We’ll use our local expertise to match you with a neighborhood that is fits the needs of you and your family.

Richmond Continues to Attract Families and Other Buyers

In Richmond, the number of sold homes rose by 15 percent in the second quarter of 2015.

This increase in sales marks the real estate market in Central Virginia to be the strongest it has been since 2011. While this means that Richmond area real estate agents are having their shares of success, the growing number of sales indicates that the state of the economy in Central Virginia is improving.

In the Greater Richmond area, meaning Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield, and Richmond proper, a total of 4,187 homes were sold during the second quarter of this year. This is a 15 percent increase from the number of homes sold in the second quarter of 2014.

Here’s the breakdown of 2015 second quarter home sales in Richmond and the surrounding areas:

Second Quarter Home Sales in Richmond 2015

Richmond currently has a stable economy that reflects this real estate growth. This growth is expected to support local economies in Central Virginia. In turn, this will have a positive effect on home owners and families in the Greater Richmond area. Combined with the many events that will occur in Central Virginia in the coming months and years, economic growth will make Richmond a great place to live.

This is the ideal time to find a home in the Greater Richmond area. With home sales on the rise, communities will flourish and families will benefit. For help finding property options in Henrico or other Metro Richmond areas, get in touch with Everett Properties. We’ll use our knowledge of the housing market and the local area to find a home that is perfect for you and your family.

Richmond: A City for Athletes and Sports Fans

With its vast number of professional and recreational sporting events, Richmond is a top city for athletes and sports fans.

Supported by a dedicated community sports organizer, Sportsbackers, and various professional sports organizations, Richmond offers fun events for athletes and spectators throughout most of the year.

Running Races

Thousands of people visit Richmond each year for the sole purpose of running in one of many top-quality running races. Sportsbackers teams up with local running stores and other sponsors to offer well-organized races that many locals enjoy. While these events make Richmond a lively place for both locals and visitors, they also bring communities closer together. For example, during the annual Richmond Marathon, Residents in neighborhoods such as Bellevue use the major sporting event as an opportunity to get together and celebrate. These block parties break out in several other locations in Richmond during the marathon and other races. Richmond’s other major running race is the Monument Avenue 10K, an event that draws in tens of thousands of participants from across the entire world. Most of Richmond’s running events are televised and offer cash prizes to attract elite athletes.


Although not as established as running, Richmond’s cycling scene is growing. As they do for running and various other sports, Sportsbackers organizers various cycling races each year. Richmond’s reputation as a sports and cycling city has been recognized by the international community. The 2015 World Road Cycling Championships will be held in Richmond during September. This event is expected to attract large crowds and tourism to many Richmond neighborhoods. For both recreational cyclists and cyclists in training, there are many bike paths that allow for a safe and fun experience. The Buttermilk Trail and Belle Isle are among some of the great paths that cyclists can enjoy in Richmond.


While Richmond has a large number of youth soccer clubs, there is also a professional team known as the Richmond Kickers. This elite soccer club trains and competes in Richmond at the City Stadium. The Richmond Kickers were founded in 1993 and are currently a third tier team of the American Soccer League.


While it is a common saying that baseball is America’s favorite pastime, baseball is certainly a favorite spectator sport in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Up until a few years ago, Richmond’s baseball team was the Braves, a feeder for the Major League Baseball team of the same name. Now, the Flying Squirrels represent Richmond in baseball. During the baseball season, the Richmond Flying Squirrels play and train at the Diamond, the city’s baseball stadium. Richmond residents go to the Diamond to enjoy regular season games and fireworks shows on Independence Day.


Richmond does not have a football team of its own, but the Washington-based National Football League team known as the Redskins come to the city each summer for training camp. On select days, training camp is open to the public. Both Richmond locals and visitors use this as an opportunity to get merchandise autographed by their favorite players and converse with other fans. Redskins training camp also offers fun in the form of food trucks, music, and activities hosted by local businesses and sponsors.

Richmond has plenty to offer in terms of sports and recreation. If you are passionate about sports or healthy living, a home in the Richmond area may be right for you. Everett Properties can help you decide on a property near these sporting events that is a good fit for you and your family.

The History of Richmond, Virginia

As one of the oldest cities in the Virginia Commonwealth, Richmond has a rich past full of events that are important to the history of the Uited States.

Richmond was founded in 1607 after Captain John Smith made a 10-day voyage from Jamestown along the James River. Initially known as the new Jamestown settlement, Richmond received a governor and became a hub of activity in the Virginia colony. In the year 1611, a hospital was built in Richmond. This was likely the first hospital in the Americas.

In 1617, the settlers who occupied Richmond began to have difficulties with the indigenous population of Virginia. When Chief Powhatan passed away in 1622, a native uprising aimed to destroy every European settlement in Virginia. The uprising resulted in the destruction of every major settlement except for Richmond. Massively fortified, new Jamestown, or Richmond, survived until Chief Opechancanough was forced by the British to sign a treaty. This treaty granted the English full possession of the segment of the James River and the land surrounding Richmond.

Immediately before the treaty was signed, the famous Richmond neighborhoods of Shockoe Bottom, Shockoe Slip, and Churchill were formed. These remained separate establishments until Richmond was officially recognized as a township in 1742. The township was governed by the historically famous Virginia House of Burgesses.

In 1775, Richmond began to play an important role in the American Revolutionary War. St. John’s Church in Church Hill was the location of Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. This speech successfully convinced the Virginia House of Burgesses to raise a force of Virginia troops to support the American rebels in New England. In 1780, Richmond became the official state capital of Virginia. 1781 saw the destruction of Richmond after American traitor Benedict Arnold allowed British troops to march onto the city. In 1782, Richmond recovered from its losses and became a city.

During the American Civil War, Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States of America. With Tredegar Iron Works on Belle Isle, Richmond was the central foundry and producer of metal products for the Confederate Army. Producing more than 2,200 cannons and over 800 ironclads for ships, Richmond became a target of Union Forces. When Union General Ulysses S. Grant captured Petersburg in April 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis fled the city via train. Meanwhile, retreating Confederate soldiers destroyed Richmond’s warehouses, bridges, armories, and basic infrastructure with a large fire. Soon after this, the mayor of Richmond handed the city over to Union control and Union soldiers helped residents put out the blazes. Union forces continued to occupy the city of Richmond until they were order to withdraw at the end of the war in 1870. At the same time, Virginia was readmitted to the United States of America and Richmond became a recognized state capital once again.

After the Civil War and the era known as Reconstruction, Richmond maintained much of the culture that was created due to the rebellion. One of the key indicators of this lasting culture is a series of monuments that stand to this day. Known by Richmond locals and visitors as Monument Avenue, this series includes towering statues of Confederate leaders, including Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, Jeb Stuart, Jefferson Davis, and Matthew F. Maury. The city is also home to Hollywood Cemetery, a large resting place for Confederates, and various other monuments, such as the Confederate Sailors Memorial.

Near the end of the 19th century, Richmond’s infrastructure improved with a trolley system that connected the downtown and uptown portions of the city. This system replaced horse-drawn carriages and modernized the city. This also prepared Richmond for America’s industrial revolution.

After the Great Depression, Richmond was able to recover from economic hardships far faster than other cities in the United States. This is largely due to the fact that Richmond was the center of America’s tobacco industry during the 1930s and 1940s. During the late 1930s and 1940s, Richmond real estate reached high values and the city profited greatly from an influx of people moving to the city. It is estimated that the value of Richmond properties increased by about 250% from the years before the Great Depression. In 1958, travel in Richmond began to take on a more modern appearance with the construction of the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike. This major highway had 15 exits, but more were added in the years following its construction.

In the past 50 years, Richmond saw many major events of great national and cultural importance. During the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Richmonders helped elect Douglas Wilder as the governor of Virginia. Douglas Wilder became the first African American governor in the United States after he defeated his Republican opponent by a very small margin. In the late 20th century, Richmond experienced the development of the waterfront and the creation of the Museum District.

Richmond has certainly demonstrated its importance in the history of America. If the city follows its past trends, Richmond will continue to be an important American city in the future.

Property in the Richmond area will allow you to become a part of the great events that occur in this city. A Richmond real estate agent can help you find an ideal home in this area. Give Everett Properties a call for help navigating the Richmond housing market.

Richmond’s Dining Scene Continues to Grow in 2015

Richmond has shown promise for foodie culture in the past, but the area’s food options have grown exceptionally in 2015.

At the beginning of this year, various establishments of different styles and cuisines opened their doors. Both current residents and people looking for property in Richmond will be able to take advantage of some new and refreshing options.


Many owners of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and other Asian restaurants selected 2015 as the year to open or expand their restaurant. From Richmond proper to downtown Short Pump, lovers of tangy or spicy food are now able to enjoy a wide selection of Asian cuisine. Some of the newest contenders in the Asian restaurant scene are:

  • Seven Stars Asian Cuisine and Lounge
  • Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
  • Akida Japanese Restaurant
  • Shoryuken Ramen
  • Sabai
  • Spiral Noodle
  • J Kogi

Latin American & Southwestern

Offering favorite dishes for many Richmonders, the current Mexican and Southwestern restaurants in the Richmond area are now seeing some competition in the form of some great new establishments. 2015’s new South American, Central American, and Southwestern restaurants include:

  • Cafe Rio
  • Asado Wing and Taco Company
  • Rancho T
  • Kanoa Latin Cuisine
  • Kuba Kuba Dos
  • Boka Grill and Growlers
  • The Cultured Swine

Fish and Seafood

While restaurants like The Boathouse have won the hearts of Richmond seafood lovers for years now, there are a few expansions and openings that may have caused a sea-shift in dining options that offer great fish, crabs, and other seafood. Here are some new establishments that you should check out if you enjoy great seafood:

  • Jus Fish
  • The Boathouse (Short Pump location)
  • Fall Line

Simple American and Southern 

Those in search of a simple meal can turn to one of the many establishments that specialize in American and Southern cuisine. From burgers to steaks, these Richmond dining options have satisfied appetites for year. Some of new American and Southern establishment to enter the Richmond dining arena are:

  • Carytown Burgers and Fries (Lakeside location)
  • Four Brothers’ Bistro
  • Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint
  • Hutch Bar and Eatery
  • The Reachmonde
  • Family Meal
  • Tavern 19

Beer and Entertainment

Richmond has gained a reputation for fun over the past decade, so it is only natural that there are many establishments dedicated to creating a vibrant social scene with drinks and live music. Here are the newest establishments to enter the Richmond market:

  • Tin Pan Restaurant and Listening Room
  • Garden Grove Brewery
  • Grandstaff and Stein Book Sellers
  • District 5

Pizza and Italian

Pizza and Italian cuisine are both favorites among many Americans, so Richmond naturally has many restaurants that specialize in creating cheesy pies and tasty pasta dishes. Be sure to check out the following Richmond Italian restaurants and pizza joints that opened in 2015:

  • Grimaldi’s Pizza
  • Pizza Tonight
  • Rudino’s Pizza and Grinders
  • DiCarlo’s Pizza


Richmond has not (and probably will not) seen many new establishments that specialize in dessert in 2015, but the popular doughnut shop Country Style has expanded to Gold’s Gym Plaza. King of Pops, an establishment that specializes in frozen desserts, has also opened up on Clay Street in Richmond.

In addition these new eateries, be sure to check out some existing restaurants and food trucks like Bon Bon Asian Fusion or Capital Ale House.

Richmond has a wide variety of options for people in the Richmond area. By moving to a home in Richmond, you’ll have access to some fun places that serve delicious food. A Richmond real estate agent can help you find a home near these places that is suitable for you and your family. Get in touch with Everett Properties today.

Maymont Park: Richmond’s Top Location for Outdoor Enjoyment

Located in the heart of Richmond, Maymont is one of the city’s most unique outdoor locations.

At Maymont Park, visitors and locals can enjoy a large array of activities. From the Victorian Mansion near the center of the park to many beautiful gardens, Maymont will surely leave you satisfied. Many people who live in Richmond are able to enjoy Maymont on a regular basis.

Maymont Mansion

Victorian Mansion at Maymont ParkLocated at the top of Maymont’s tallest hill, the mansion is a beautiful structure that was built by Roman architect Edgerton Stewart Rogers in late 19th century for the Dooley family. The mansion’s architecture pulls from the styles of Romanesque Revival and Queen Anne. When the mansion was finally completed in 1893, the mansion had 33 rooms. Sallie May Dooley named the mansion ‘May Mont’ for heremaiden name and the French term for hill. When you see the many rolling hills on the Maymont estate, you’ll understand that this name is appropriate.

While seeing the mansion from the outside is rather impressive, you can also take a guided tour of the expansive house. A knowledgeable tour guide will explain the history of the family and the house.

Japanese Gardens

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the weather on nice days, Maymont’Japanese Gardens at Maymont Parks Japanese Gardens is a good choice. With Red Maples, koi fish ponds, and iconic structures from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Japanese Gardens have an atmosphere that is both unique and comforting. This area is often very calm, so you can enjoy quiet reflection or picnics with friends.Italian Gardens in Maymont

Italian Gardens

For a memorable place that makes you feel as if you are in a sunny Italian paradise, the Italian Gardens are a worthy choice. This location has beautiful flower beds, stunning Italian architecture, and plenty of sprawling vegetation. Steep steps and exotic surroundings make this place one of the most adventurous places in Richmond. If you start near the bottom of the Italian Gardens and climb to the top, there is a picturesque courtyard with fountains and stone columns. Richmonders enjoy this area so much that it is a common place for weddings and other important events.

Animal Exhibits

To keep your younger family members entertained, Maymont also offers various animal exhibits. At the park, you can see a range of animals, including bald eagles, deer, black bears, bobcats, and hawks. You can also go to the stables to see domesticated farm animals.

Other Activities 

Property owners and other people who live in Richmond often use Maymont as a place to enjoy the outdoors after a long week at work. It is common to see locals using the park for runs, picnics, photography, and sightseeing. The Park is also the venue of an annual jazz festival. While there are tourists at various times of the year, Maymont Park is frequented mainly by locals.

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Maymont Park is  a top location for outdoor enjoyment in Richmond. If you purchase property in Richmond, you’ll have access to the many great things that the park and the surrounding communities have to offer. Get in touch with Everett Properties to find a home near this iconic location.

Short Pump: A Hotspot for Fun Living in Metro Richmond

Named after a short handled pump at a 19th century tavern, it can be easy to think that Short Pump doesn’t have much to offer in terms of recreation. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

From a wide selection of restaurants to various recreational activities, Short Pump offers locals and visitors many things to do for fun. Property options in Short Pump will provide people who move to the Richmond area with access to entertainment and relaxation.


Short Pump is home to many dining establishments. This includes the average chain restaurants found throughout any populated area, as well as some great local joints. From Lehja’s Indian cuisine to the steak and seafood at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Short Pump has options for a variety of tastes and preferences. Dozens of establishments in the area ensure that there is always something new for people to try.

Sports and Gaming

Many Short Pump locals enjoy fun times at various establishments dedicated to sports and gaming. Families and serious bowlers often have a great time at Bowl America. There is also the opportunity to enjoy some arcade games and American cuisine at an establishment called Dave and Buster’s. Short Pump and the Glen Allen area also offer opportunities for golf and mini-golf.

Health and Outdoors

While Richmond is known as a fairly active city, Short Pump is a center for runners, cyclists, and various athletes. Because of this, there are many specialty shops dedicated to endurance athletes. Three Sports, New Balance, and Fleet Feet are a few of the top-quality shops that have moved into Short Pump and the Glen Allen area. Properties in Short Pump are often located in close proximity to sports organizer Sportsbacker’s running and cycling events, so health and clean living are emphasized by many residents of the area.

In terms of healthy grocery options, there are a few stores in Short Pump that sell organic foods, including Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.  For local produce, meats, and baked goods, locals of the Glen Allen area also go to Tom Leonard’s Farmer’s Market.


People in Short Pump can also experience various entertainment options. The Funny Bone, a popular comedy club, offers various shows by comics and other live performers. The Regal Cinema movie theater is also a popular choice by locals and nearby Richmonders. For shopping, the Short Pump outdoor mall provides many clothing, home wares, accessory, and electronics stores.

Short Pump offers plenty of things for locals to do. A Realtor in the Glen Allen area can help you find a home near this hotspot for fun. Get in touch with Everett Properties to find some property options that are right for you and your family.

Crime in Richmond at its Lowest Point in Five Years

Richmond’s government officials have announced that the rate of major crimes in the city has reached a 5-year low. 

This milestone has been reached due to close interaction between citizens and law enforcement. Over the past years, Richmond police have engaged the public with various community outreach programs. This has clearly proven to be an effective method of developing trust between the Richmond government and locals.

Crime in Richmond has been reduced by 10% or about 470 reports. This figure includes both violent crimes and vandalism. Homicides, assaults, robberies, and other major crimes have all been reduced in the past year.

Response times by police and other emergency personnel have improved greatly due to clear communication and trust between Richmond communities and the government. In past years, the response time after a 911 call averaged between five to 10 minutes. Now, the response time is about two minutes.

It is also important to note that Richmond is not following the trend of increasing reports of violent crime in major cities across the United States. While the crime rate of Richmond has decreased over past years, crime in cities such as Houston, St. Louis, and New Orleans has increased. By setting itself apart from this norm, Richmond is demonstrating that community involvement can make a city a safe place to live.

Reduced crime rates make property in the Richmond area ideal for many groups, including families, single business people, and couples. A Richmond area real estate agent can help you navigate the city’s housing market. Get in touch with Everett Properties to find a property that suits your needs.

Richmond: Home of Foodies and Good Vibes

Over the last decade or so, Richmond has become a prime destination for lovers of great food and culture.
More importantly, the great restaurants, iconic views, music venues, and cultural events that can be found in Richmond have made it a great place to call home. Properties in Richmond and the surrounding areas are located near exciting events that occur throughout the year, so homeowners rarely lack things to do.

A Hotspot for Foodies

If Richmond could be known for only one thing, it would certainly be for its wide and varied selection of dining options.  Several Richmond restaurants, such as Dot’s Back Inn, have been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  Top Chef contestant and celebrity chef Mike Isabella also has a Graffiato restaurant in the city.  Along with popular locations like this, Richmond also offers a range of food options ranging from simple Southern cuisine to upscale French gourmet.

Confectionery Creations

If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll love the many doughnut shops. Aside from the large chain shops of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts, Richmond has Sugar Shack and Country Style, two great local establishments with delicious choices. If you spend a bit of time in Richmond or the surrounding areas, you’ll learn that both of these shops are deserving of the popularity that they’ve earned. Sugar Shack does not have a traditional menu. Instead, the chefs offer some fan favorites each day and create special doughnuts based on whatever their inspirations call for. Maple bacon, coconut, and peanut butter flavors are just a few of the creations that Sugar Shack offers. Country Style has a traditional menu, but its fans believe that they offer some of the best doughnuts in Virginia.

Local and Craft Beers

Richmond is a great city for beer drinkers. With major local breweries such as Legend, Hardywood, and Triple Crossing, Richmonders always have a steady flow of various beer options. As a result of this, dining establishments like Capital Ale House have centered their theme on good beer, live music, and top-quality food.  Hardywood Brewery has even created a vibrant social setting on its property by inviting food trucks to its property on Thursday nights. Richmond locals, usually people between their early-twenties and mid-fifties, come to Hardywood on these nights to enjoy good beer and tasty food with friends and family.

With many opportunities for happiness and good times, property in Richmond should be on the top of your list of real estate options. A Richmond Realtor can work with you to find a home that offers you access to these food options and more. Reach out to Everett Properties today to get started.